Aim and Vision

Tareto Maa – Rescue Center for Vulnerable Children in Transmara District, Kenya

Naaniu_A-girl-we-take-care-of3One of the girls we are taking care of

Our aim is to help girls of our community who are forced to undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) or involuntary early marriage. We established and run a Rescue Center for these girls as well as for orphans who desperately need assistance. Tareto Maa gives them a home where they can go to school together with other children of the community.

Circumcision of girls and forced marriage at a very tender age are cruel and outdated traditions. Both traditions are outlawed worldwide and illegal in Kenya – but are still practised by the Maasai community. Tareto Maa promotes a behavior change and helps to overcome rituals which damage the physical and mental well-being of our children.

Our relief project shelters girls who run away from home because they don’t want to be mutilated or married without their consent. We try to help these children, talking to their parents and working together with the local authorities. In cases where no solution can be found, we offer them a new home in our facilities. We also support orphans who have no place to go. And of course we take care of their education: Our Rescue Center includes a Boarding Kindergarten and a Primary School.

Tareto Maa will offer shelter for children from all over the Transmara District. When we started to work as a Community Based Relief Organisation in April 2009, there were 6 girls to take care of. Now there are 95. And many more girls need protection and help.

Orphan-girls-we-take-care-of_48“Tareto Maa” are words from the Maasai language and mean “Help for the Maasai”

As a Non Governmental Organisation we originated from the local congregration, The African Inland Church (AIC). We co-operate with the church’s other relief projects, for instance, supporting children of resource poor families, enhancing sustainable development in our district and raising knowledge and awareness of HIV/AIDS.

Some of the girls we support in front of the rescue centreSome of the children who need support